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          DR. DOOM SKETCH COVER  B&W                                              11 X 17 SKETCH B&W                                                 YONDU(TRADING CARD)  B&W                            BLACK ADAM (FULL FIGURE/COLOR 11 X 17)


All commissions are done in pen and ink on Bristol. Listed below are the services I provide.


General specs are:
Black and white art or color, available in several sizes.


Trading cards are a head sketch, only, with additional grey marker added, unless otherwise specified by customer. $35 for b&w, $50 for color or Likeness



Custom Paper: $75

11 x 14: $125

Color, add $50)


TORSO (Half Figure)

Custom paper or 8.5 x 11: $150

9 x 12: $200

11 x 14: $250

(Color, add $50)


8 x 10: $200 (Color, add $50)

9 x 12: $250 (Color, add $50)

11 x 14: $300 (Color, add $100)

11 x 17: $350 (Color, add $100)


Head Sketch $75 ($100 for Full Color or Graytone)

Half Figure $200 (Full Graytone or color)

Full Figure $300 (Full Graytone or color)

Extra characters extra, background extra. All depends on what they want

Full cover, double sided cover (Depends on characters, color b&w, etc.) $600

Prices listed are USD$.  Shipping and handling not included. USA and International available.  Shipping charges are at your expense and rates do vary. Shipping is Priority mail, delivery confirmation can be included upon request.

The preferred form of payment is though PAYPAL. The commission WILL NOT be started until payment is received and cleared.

You can use the "Email Me" button above in the header, as well. All inquiries are forwarded to Mike Alexandropoulos @  

A few points. I do commissions of published, printed/movie characters and subject matter, and while I WILL draw creator owned characters, this is COMMISSION ONLY, and no art is to be used for Print in any medium, for profit, without express permission from me.

©2018 Gus Vazquez

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