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I've been an artist all my life, in nearly every sense of the word.

Everything I do comes from my vision, my feelings, and my love of all things creative.


I've been lucky to work in almost every aspect of visual art.  Painting, sculpting, photography, film, digital, pencil and ink, I've been able to work in many industries. Storyboarding, character design, logos, comics, books, galleries...  


Having worked primarily as a comic book artist for over 25 years, first as a penciller, I now take on and wear several hats.

My work can be seen on titles for Marvel, such as Deadpool, Spider-Man, the first appearance in print of Big Hero 6 in "Sunfire and Big Hero 6", and at DC on JLA, Green Arrow, Suicide Squad, The Flash, and many more.

I continue to draw comics, and am working on several of creator owned properties.

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